Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Future

Today at lunch Isaiah and Olivia started talking about where they were going to live when they grew up. Isaiah said he was going to live far away and Olivia said she was also. Then a moment later Isaiah asked her if she wanted to live in Pine River (10 miles away) and he is going to live in Brainerd (20 miles). I hope that's all the farther they move! Isaiah told me I could watch his baby while he and his wife went to work, but I couldn't feed it (he pointed to his chest). He went on to say that I used to have wiggling things, but not anymore. They were probably wiggling after Micah was born (he was grabbing his chest while he was talking). Randy and I had a good laugh.

In case some of you miss having a 15 month old, here's a couple of Micah stories. He is always and that's not an exaggeration, pushing the chairs around the kitchen so he can see what's going on and get into stuff. It's really annoying when you are trying to cook. He likes to eat everything. The other day the kids and I were making a treat with Hershey kisses on pretzels. I had put them in the oven to soften. When I pulled it out Micah just dove right in and grabbed one and stuffed runny chocolate in his mouth. It must not have been very hot because it didn't seem to faze him.

Today when I came out to the kitchen after taking a shower there was a chair pushed up to the counter in front of the crock pot. The lid to the crock pot was on the floor along with a piece of carrot and onion and the crock pot was on high, not low where I had set it, and later I discovered Micah's sleeve was wet.

Isaiah and Olivia have been coloring a lot lately. Yesterday they rediscovered the markers. Micah is able to pull the caps off and decided to try the orange marker. His mouth was orange and the marker no longer had a tip. Today it was the purple one. I told the other two that they can only use the markers when Micah is sleeping. Which unfortunately I've been saying about a lot of things. We can't play a game when Micah is awake, we can't do a craft when Micah is awake, etc. We love him though! He makes us laugh everyday (thank goodness!). Lately he has been dancing, it's pretty entertaining. He definitely has his own moves.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Made Me Laugh

Isaiah said a couple of funny things yesterday that made me laugh. He came upstairs and told me Tate(friend Micah's age) was chewing on a barbie bottle of juice. I asked him if he took it away and he said no. I told him it would probably get ruined. " Well, we have two of them", he said," but the other one is kind of ruined already". I told him we might have to put some of the Barbie things away because they might be too small for Micah and Tate. His response, "Yeah and their mouths are big". I'm not exactly sure what he meant, but it was funny.

Last night Randy and I had a date. I was on the way to drop the kids off at our friends(Brent and Sarah) when Isaiah and Olivia started talking about watching "Frosty Returns". They had watched "Frosty" at Sarah's earlier this week and she told them that tonight they could watch the second one. I asked them if they liked "Frosty". Isaiah said "Yes, I kind of cried when Frosty melted". "You did?" I asked. "Well my eyes got wet". I thought that was funny and sweet at the same time.

Micah did something not so funny yesterday. He was sitting at the table with the other kids eating a cookie. He grabbed a toy with his frosted covered hands. When I took it away I felt that his sleeve was all wet. I asked Isaiah how his sleeve got wet. I was pretty sure I already knew the answer, but was hoping I was wrong. Isaiah said he didn't know. I went down the hall and sure enough the bathroom door was open. We always try to remember to shut it. Isaiah had been in a hurry to get dressed and go to the bathroom before our friends came over and he forgot to shut the door. Not only that but he didn't flush the toilet either. So, Micah had been in the pee water up to his elbow and was now in the kitchen eating a cookie! That really grossed me out, but he was almost done with his cookie so I let him finish before washing his hands.

Then there's Olivia...I like wearing dresses and fingernail polish, but I also like wrestling and farting. She burped today and said "I farted(pause) I farted in my mouth"!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Planning Ahead

In February, Randy and I are going to Mexico for our 10th anniversay. Our kids will be staying with my sister and her family. Randy mentioned this to the kids the other day and now Olivia keeps bringing it up. After she gets dressed she'll say, "Can I wear this to Kenzie and Isaak's house?". Today I said I needed to change Micah's stinky diaper and she said, "Cause Kenzie and Isaak don't want to smell it." She has also asked if she can bring her blanket and so on. Today in the van she was telling me she was going to have fun at Kenzie and Isaak and Aunt Kristi and Uncle Kevin's house and asked if Daddy and I were going to drop them off and leave our van there and if we were going to fly in an airplane. Isaiah was getting frustrated with her and said, "Uh! Daddy should not have told us that. Now Olivia talks about it all day and all morning." I've tried telling her it's going to be along time before we go, but apparently that's not sinking in.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I was gone last night, but I guess Isaiah remembered that I have a box of Barbie dolls. First thing this morning he and Olivia asked if they could play with them. Isaiah was kind of disappionted because he said he remembered a really really big box of Barbies. Olivia played with some of the stuff this morning. Then this afternoon they have both been playing with them. I came into the livingroom where they were and they said, "If we play with these then they'll be ours, right?" I said, "They are only yours if I give them to you." "Can we have them?", Olivia asked. "Yes." "Forever and ever?" "Yes", "Thank you". Then Isaiah held up the black barbie he was playing with and said "I'm going to save this for my little girl (pause), if I have one.". He also said this morning about the same doll, "This doll is beautiful, with her dark skin".

Monday, December 10, 2007

My First Blog

I decided to get with the times and see what blogging is all about. I think this will be a fun way to record the funny things my kids say and do and also the not so funny things they say and do. I'm having a hard time forming a sentence right now. Olivia has been "making me coffee" and talking to me almost nonstop. I have at least six cups of coffee here with a number of food items in them. She made me a cup with ice cream and mustard, one with bananas, one with grapes, lettuce and a get the idea. She is also busy "writing" our names on a piece of paper and also on a ticket (for my open house drawing), that she said I could bring to MOPS tomorrow. She is still talking nonstop, while "writing" a story about when Isaiah went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. One line in her story was, "Praise the Lord when he went to Grandma and Grandpa's church! Never a dull or quiet moment here.