Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Program

Yesterday, before the Christmas program at church, Olivia had put on Grandma's headband, in such a way that her hair was sticking up crazy in the front. She also had a toothpick in her mouth and said she was "smoking." She wanted to keep the headband in and bring the toothpick. A smoking angel... sounds like the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She said to Grandma, "If you see an angel with hair sticking up, that's me!"



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Christmas Baking

Christmas baking, which wasn't really baking. We made all kinds of things that don't require baking. I saw these cute reindeer cookies in a magazine while Olivia was at the dentist(she has 4 more cavities). We also made, almond bark pretzels, peanut butter balls, chocolate covered peanuts and fudge. I'm thinking about attempting sugar cookies today. I don't have a lot of patience, when cooking with three children, so we'll see how it goes.




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White eggs with oaks

Saturday morning the kids wanted eggs for breakfast. Olivia says, "I want the white egg(over easy)." Isaiah says, "I want a hashbrown and easy over egg and toast with butter jelly(apple butter jelly)." Later when they're eating their eggs, Olivia says to Isaiah, "If the oak(yolk)tastes bad eat some of the white stuff with it."

That same morning, Isaiah also said, "Instruction paper" for construction paper and "department" for apartment.

Isaiah has been wanting to destroy something the last few days. He wanted Randy to save the egg carton for him. So, later Isaiah and Olivia are both trying to cut(with children's scissors) the egg carton apart. Randy says, "I'm afraid someones going to cut their head off." Micah looked little concerned. He put his hand on Randy's arm, and said quietly, "Would that hurt?"

Olivia likes to sing a lot. Isaiah often says, "Stop! You're giving me a head ache." Olivia was singing away in the van the other night and Isaiah said jokingly, "Go do that in your room. We should have brought the house."

Picture Perfect

I brought Olivia in to get a haircut on Friday. She wants to grow it out and have a long ponytail like her cousin Emma. We needed to trim it up..I think most of the super short spots she cut are grown out. While she was getting her cut, I told her I had a new Christmas dress for her. She was pretty excited. On the way home she asked, "Where did you get it?" "I bought it at the store," I told her. "When?" she asked. "Oh, a long time ago." "Was I still in your tummy?" she asked. I like to plan ahead, but not quite that far. When we got home she wanted to try on her dress. I asked if she wanted me to take her picture by the tree. Which, of course, she did. Micah was just sitting there watching. When I was done taking her picture, Micah jumped up, grabbed his dump truck and stood by the tree. "Take my picture standing in my dump truck!" he said.



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In sickness and in health

I think we are finally all well. We had a long two weeks of illness. It started with Micah having a fever for a couple of days. I got a cold, which wouldn't go away. Olivia woke up one night puking. Randy got the runs the next day. I finally went to the doctor last Thursday because I thought I had a sinus infection...which I did. In the last two weeks Randy worked 40 hours and took 40 hours of sick time! We are so thankful for his job at TDS(benefits,steady income). There are a lot of people just at our own church who are really struggle financially right now. Lots of builders are out of work. We feel very blessed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Semi-sweet, unsweetened, what's the difference? I saw some things I wanted to try making in a Kraft foods magazine. On my shopping list I just wrote baker's chocolate. I actually didn't know there were different kinds of bakers chocolate. So, I saw some baker's chocolate and grabbed it. Last night, I made some fudge, with my chocolate. Then Randy and I were in the middle of making truffles, with my chocolate, and he, after trying the filling, said, "These are going to gross dipped in that chocolate." He then looks at the box of chocolate and says to me, "You bought unsweetened chocolate." I was thinking, "Yeah, that's what baker's chocolate is." Well, it's not. Randy dumped a ton of sugar and almond flavoring in the filling mixture and then we melted some milk chocolate chips to dip them in. Let's just say it wasn't working out so well for us. (We tried some today and they actually don't taste too bad. Although, I have a rotten cold and can't taste too much.) After that we made some white chocolate rapsberry bars, which thankfully turned out. I was having my Creative Memories Open House today and needed a treat for my ladies.

Isaiah was sitting on the couch looking at his feet and said, "I have a bunch...oh mom...I'm turning into a daddy!" He has some hair on his feet.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I don't like that kind

Over Thanksgiving weekend we kept ourselves pretty busy. We spent Thanksgiving day with Randy's parents. We all went to the light show in Brainerd. I took a couple of pictures while we were driving through. Friday night we went to Nisswa(small town about 10 miles from here) to watch fireworks. Saturday morning we went to the bakery in Nisswa and then back to Pequot to see Santa.




Micah as been coming out of his room Several times each night. Randy gives him a spanking each time. He just doesn't seem to be getting it. So, the other night, after two or three spankings we tried something new...vinegar. I thought about grabbing the camera, but I didn't. I wish I would have. Believe it or not, he came out again. So, Randy said, "you get another drink." Last night same thing. Randy set him up on the counter to give him vinegar. When Micah saw the bottle he said, "I don't like that kind." After his second round of vinegar, he said while crying, "I want to stay in my crib now."

We were painting at the church this weekend and had the children along(stressful). Randy was bending over pouring paint and Micah said, "Daddy, you have a big butt like Mama. I have a little tiny butt."

Olivia was helping me fold some laundry. One of her shirts was stained and I was showing it to her. She said, "Well, maybe you can unstain it."

We were all getting ready to go outside yesterday and Randy had on some long johns. Olivia looked at him and said, "Are you wearing tights?!"

Isaiah decided the other night that he wanted to write a book. So I helped him staple some pages together. He got his title page done.

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