Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Would you like some coffee?


My brother and sister-in-law gave this cute Espresso Cafe to Isaiah and Olivia for their birthdays. My brother dropped it off this morning on his way to the cities. They've been playing with it ever since. They just asked me(as I was typing this) if they could sleep in it tonight!
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Fun Night

Randy brought the kids to a Fall Fun Night at the school. They had a great time. The cotton candy was their favorite. Daddy let them have 2 cotton candies apiece! They also eat Little Debbies from the cake walk. They were rather sugared up when they got home AFTER 9:00. They are usually in bed by 8:00.




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Friday, November 21, 2008

Can you bring the turkey?

Micah has become attached to these sunglasses. It's hard not to laugh when he walks into the room wearing them. He leaves them on for a LONG time too. He watched a movie with them on and fell asleep on the floor still wearing them.




Isaiah has had a loose tooth for about a month. The last couple of days, I've just wanted to yank it out. Wednesday night before bed, he showed it to me. It didn't even look like it was attached. He came in our room about 4:00 am to tell us his tooth fell out. Luckily, he didn't swallow it.

Thursday, Olivia had a toy phone and she was pretending to be Aunt Kristi calling me. "Hi Nikki, this is Aunt Kristi. We were wondering if you guys wanted to come to our house for Thanksgiving? I didn't know if I'd have to leave a message or what. Do you want to come to our house? We didn't know who else to ask." "Sure, we can come. Do you want us to bring something?" I asked. " could bring some turkey." she answered. "Okay. What time should we come?" I asked. "Ten o'clock" she said. "On Thanksgiving day?" I asked. "Yeah. Actually, you could come today. Bring the kids, because Mackenzie and Isaak will be so excited to play with them." she said. You would have to of been there to see her body language and hear her was super funny and cute!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Cake, Cake and More Cake

The morning of Isaiah's birthday(4th), I made cupcakes to bring into school. I should have known better...snacks have to be store bought. So, after baking and frosting the cupcakes, driving to school, and walking to the end of the school to Isaiah's classroom with Olivia and Micah, I was told they can't have any homemade snacks. So, after storytime, we went to the grocery store and bought some Little Debbies and did the whole thing all over. The kids loved them and we got to have cupcakes that night when Grandma and Grandpa came over for supper.

On Thursday(6th), we celebrated Olivia's birthday at our weekly play date. The little girls dressed up like princesses and we made a castle cake.




Friday night(7th), Isaiah had a birthday party with friends from school. We used the gym at a church here in town, which worked out great. Isaiah wanted a costume party, that's why all the kids are in costumes. He picked out a dragon cake for us to make. They played musical chairs, ate pizza, ran around, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents and hit a pinata.

Saturday(8th), we had pictures taken(again)at Sears. Then headed to a friend's birthday party, where we ate more cake.

On Olivia's birthday(11th), we were caked out. We made monster cookies instead. Grandma and Grandpa came over again for supper.
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A Couple of Quick Funnies

If we sing a song the kids don't know, they'll ask, "Where did you get that song?" On the way to Brainerd on day we were listening to a kids worship cd. I heard Olivia kind of singing along. After a couple of songs she asks me, "Did you hear me getting some new songs back here?"

Randy asked Micah on day, "Do you pee in the potty?" "No." Micah said. So Randy asked, "Why not?" "My penis doesn't work." was Micah's reply. "It doesn't?" R asked. "No, it doesn't!" M said.

Micah says a few words pretty funny:
computer = pacuter
popcorn = copcorn
airplane = hairplane
elephant = elephelent
pajamas = tujamas
gorilla = gogrilla



On Halloween day, Olivia, Micah and I went to a nursing home in Brainerd to visit a friend's grandma. We rushed back to Pequot just in time to watch the costume parade at Isaiah's school. The kids were super excited to out trick-or-treating that night. We had only gone to like 3 houses and Olivia said, "I want to go to one more." I think she thought we're going to head home and she didn't want to yet. She ended up saying that a few more times. Micah was a pirate, it's hard to tell, he didn't wear much of his costume. He did however walk around with that look on his saying, "Arrgh, I'm a pirate."
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