Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breathe Fire

I just typed this whole huge story and then hit I don't know what and deleted the whole thing! Annoying!!! I've been wanting to blog for over a week but it's hard to find a moment alone during the day and at night it seems like something else is happening or I'm too tired. I've been trying to leave myself notes when the kids say something funny. I'll start with Isaiah. Did you see the commercial during the Super Bowl where the guy and girl are having dinner. She goes to light the candles and he says allow me and then breathes fire and lights them? Then he looks like he is going to sneeze and asks if she has a cat. He then starts sneezing and ends up breathing fire with each sneeze and burns up most of the room. Isaiah saw it and thought it was pretty funny. A couple of days later he was talking about it and I told him that the guy was allergic to cats, just like Daddy. He asked me, "Would Daddy breathe fire if we had a cat?"

Last Thursday, at our regular gym play date, Isaiah wanted Sarah to scare to him. She said she couldn't scare him because he was expecting it. He started to walk away and said "I'm not expecting it."

Late this last fall Randy started to build the kids a playhouse above the sandbox. It's far from finished, but the kids are really excited about it. Every once in a while Isaiah and Olivia will talk about it. They have some very unrealistic ideas of what this playhouse is going to be like. First of all they often refer to it as a castle. They talk about actually living in it. They're going to have carpet and bedrooms, and a cat. Isaiah has had the idea that he is going to make plastic toys and that it's going to be a toy factory. After his birthday he wanted to some more pirate things to go with his pirate ship. He wanted to make some. We told him they were made out of plastic and that we didn't have any. So then he wanted to make plastic! I hope their not disappointed when the playhouse is done and it's only one room without carpet and a kitchen.

At the Dairy Queen recently I asked Olivia if she wanted an ice cream cone. "Yeah! With ice cream in it!"

Olivia's favorite hang out is the bathroom. She goes in there several times a day to put on chap stick (which is all around her mouth) or since visiting the dentist, to brush her teeth. It can be quite irritating, because she has also got into my make-up and she uses either a Kleenex or toilet paper to wipe her fingers off each time. I told her she had to stop using toilet paper because the garbage was full of it. The other night when they were getting ready for bed and went in the bathroom and Olivia had some toilet paper in her hands. I asked her what she was doing. "I'm brushing my teeth." "Why do you have toilet paper then?" "I couldn't get the lid off the tooth paste. It was hurting my fingers." She was wrapping the toilet paper around the toothpaste cap and trying to get it off.

I've been really getting frustrated lately with Olivia's choice of clothes. She comes up with the craziest outfits and thinks they look great! I always try to talk her out of them but it doesn't work. I've been trying to choose my battles but it's getting really irritating. Here's one of her latest outfits. I hope people know she dresses herself. I'm just wondering when is this going to end.

Micah is our singer. Whenever we get in the van he sings. Sometimes he gets stuck on the same note, but that's usually before he falls asleep. Sunday on the way to church he started to sing and then said, "Again, again." Then would sing just a few notes and say "Again, again." He did that a few times. He's the performer and audience in one!

Last week Micah had a couple of nasty falls. I had changed the sheet on Olivia's bed and her bed wasn't quite all the way down on the end. Micah ended up falling and hit his check on the heater by the bed. His whole cheek was red and had a purple spot in it. He ended up with a little bruise. A couple of nights later he was on Isaiah's
bed and tripped on the sheets and hit his eye on the headboard. His eyelid and eyebrow were really swollen and he had another bruise. I took a picture yesterday, it looks worse now then it did a few days ago.

Today when I was finished in the shower Isaiah came in to use the bathroom and told me that Micah had got into the fig newtons and was smashing them. I went out to the kitchen and found Micah sitting on the counter eating a fig newton and covered in crumbs and fig. He must have been having a hard time getting the package open because half of them where totally smashed. I was about to brush him off, but thought I should really take a picture of him. He doesn't look too bad in the picture but he was a sticky mess.