Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Pretty, Pretty Princess

Olivia, Micah, Maren(friend) and I played Pretty,Pretty Princess last week. Micah won.

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Breezy Resort

For our "vacation" this year we stayed at Breezy Resort, which is only about 5 miles from our house. Our unit was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen & living room and a hot tub. Micah called it our "new house". We stayed there last Saturday and Sunday night and all day Monday. Our good friends the Normans joined us. Randy and I went out there Tuesday night for a date. We picked up some supper to go, sat in the hot tub and played a game. On Wednesday, I brought Olivia, Micah and their friend Maren out there for lunch, swimming in the hot tub and a movie. It was nice just to have a change of scenery, winter is getting long. Randy got off work a little early on Friday, so we picked Isaiah up from school and headed to the resort. That was our last night there. Here a couple pictures from that night. My friend Sarah has more pictures on her blog.




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Monday, February 9, 2009






The kids really like their mailboxes. Yesterday, they kept putting things in each other's boxes: cars, trucks, spider man slipper, pretty much whatever they saw. When Isaiah got home from school today he went to check his mail right away.
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Barbies, Pirates and Four wheelers, oh my!

Olivia, Micah and I were playing Barbies in Olivia's room, but Micah wasn't really into it(he was causing problems). Micah wanted to play pirates, so he went and got both pirate ships. After we were playing a few minutes, Olivia says, "Pirates kill good people with their swords. I'm glad we've never seen real pirates, because I love playing Barbies. I bet there is something more fun than Barbies in heaven." Let's hope so!

A little later, Micah was laying in the hallway with some of the pirates on his neck/back. He was saying, "Ah! They're getting me!" Then he knocked them off, stood up and did a mean pirate face and growl.


Several months ago, Randy helped a co-worker(Mitch)out with some bats at his house. He took the kids with him. When he was done they all went for a short four wheeler ride. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. They talked about it for days. Micah really likes playing with four wheelers and gets excited when he sees a real one. The other day at lunch, Micah was rubbing his eye. I asked if he had something in it. "I got dust in my eye from Mitch's four wheeler," he said. Where did that come from??

A of couple times, Isaiah has called the sunset the "sundown". "Look at the pretty sundown."
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Don't ask!

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Last Sunday, we went out sledding as a family. There's the perfect sized hill less than a block away. The kids love it. The hill was iced over, so they were sliding down it without the sled. After that we went to the Super Bowl party at church. Earlier in the day, Isaiah asked Randy, "Why do people like watching the big football game?" Randy, just basically told him, because they like football. Isaiah said, "I don't. I think it's boring." "Would you like to watch two guys having a painting contest?" Randy asked. Isaiah kind of looked at him like, is there such a thing and said, "Yeah!"
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