Thursday, January 22, 2009

No More Fuzz

A couple of nights ago, Micah wanted to play with the poker chips. He dumped them all out, of course. When it was time to pick them up, Randy said, "Pick up the chips." "These aren't chips." Micah said. "They're poker chips" Randy told him. Micah picked one up and put it on his face, then said, "It doesn't poke me."

Micah likes singing a lot. He usually only sings a couple of lines from a song. Recently he's been singing,"stir up a hunger in my heart". It's so cute to hear. I was making him chocolate milk the other day and he started singing,"chocolate milk in my tummy".

Today is day 5 of Olivia's no more thumb sucking. Grandma Loukota picked up some gross tasting stuff to paint on her nail. She hasn't been fighting it at all. She actually seemed excited to do it. She even left her purple blanket at home the other day, because she couldn't suck her thumb. She likes to pull fuzz from her blanket with one thumb, while sucking the since she couldn't suck her thumb, she couldn't pull fuzz either. Maybe I won't have purple fuzz all over my house anymore!

This morning at breakfast, Isaiah said, "Micah is cute. I wish he could stay this way forever. He's so cute." They had a good day together. After school they played outside together and at Kids Stuff last night they had their arms around each other.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Are you going to fart at me?


Micah was pretending his arrow was a baby(I think). He was pushing it around in Olivia's doll stroller. He said, "Oh, the arrow farted at me. Its' butt stinks. You're being naughty. You're going to have to get out of the cart." He set the arrow on the floor. Then he picks it up again and says to it, "Are you going to fart at me? No, you're not going to fart at me again."
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Olivia and Micah were sitting on the counter playing with the coffee pot and tea kettle. They got out a couple of mugs and were pretending to drink hot chocolate. Micah said he was Grandpa. A couple of minutes later he picked up his mug and took a drink. He set the mug down, pretended to take off glasses and said, "The hot chocolate steamed up my glasses." He's seen Grandpa Loukota do that a few times, I guess.

Snow Ice Cream


I was looking at a friend's blog last Tuesday and saw they had made snow ice cream. It looked easy enough, so we gave it a try. We made egg nog flavored ice cream. We'll all enjoyed making and eating it. It's a good way to pass a winter night.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's in Brainerd

We celebrated Christmas with Randy's family on New Year's day. Anna made us a yummy brunch, the kids all played really good with each other, which always makes it more relaxing for us parents, there were no major melt downs by children or adults, we had more than enough food, we got not only a picture of all the grand kids together, but one of everyone(I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it turned out) and we received a lot of nice gifts.



Micah is modeling his new mittens, hat and scarf that Aunt Megan made for him. She also made some for Isaiah and she made Olivia a skirt, hat and poncho. I'm not sure when she did all of that with a newborn and three other kids 6 and under!


Randy's brother Jake and our new nephew Jairden.

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With all those boys, there's always a wrestling match. Pretty soon Randy's going to have to take them one on one, instead of four against one.

Christmas in Rochester


None of my kids were overly excited about their Santa gifts. I think Isaiah like Micah's batman helicopter better than his Light Sketcher. Oh well, what can you do?


Olivia didn't have much of a reaction to her doll at all. I thought she'd be more excited. She likes it, but she doesn't love it.


Micah liked his batman helicopter and his spider man slippers a lot. My mom and dad also gave him a batman costume which he REALLY likes.

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Christmas night, after my brother and his family arrived, all the grand kids opened presents from grandma and grandpa.

We had a fun visit with my family. We were going to leave on Monday, but stayed until Tuesday because we just having too much fun. I played a lot of games. Actually, I played one game(Carcassonne) a lot of times and a couple other games once. I was sick the first couple of days we were there. None of the tasty treats sounded good at all. I thought I would probably lose weight instead of gain, but once I was feeling better I made up for the lost days. My sister had baked a bunch and Susi's(their foreign exchange student) parents had sent a bunch of chocolates from Germany.

When we were on our way to Rochester, Isaiah wanted to know what a sign in the cities said. They were going to be enforcing DWI's through the new year. Randy told him, "That means you can't drive after you've been drinking beer, because it makes you crazy." Awhile later we stopped for a bathroom break. Randy asked if I could drive. Isaiah asked what we were doing. "Mommy's going to drive now." Randy told him. "Why?" Isaiah asked. "Because she's crazy(not real sure why he said that). Randy told him. "Does that mean she's been drinking beer?"