Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here are a few pictures from when my family was here visiting. Almost, two weeks ago! These were taken at the St.Patrick's Day parade in Crosslake.


Mackenzie, Susi, Emma, Oliva and Elle


My daddy, my brother and my husband


Elle, Olivia, Emma and Micah

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Isaak and my mom

Micah was telling me something the other day and I thought I knew what he was saying, but it didn't make any sense to me. He said, "I feel bumped." "You feel bumped?" I asked. "Yeah. I bumped my head on the orange wall and I started to cry." he said. I asked, "When did that happen?" I was expecting him to say last night, because according to him everything happened last night. Instead, he said, "Thursday." You probably would have had to of been there to see his serious little face and cute voice.

Olivia and I were looking at her baby album. She saw a picture of the cake from her baby shower and she said, "I don't remember what it tasted like." I laughed and said, "You didn't have any!" She said, "I wish I could try!"

A couple of nights ago, when I was saying good night to Isaiah, he said, "I wish there weren't any rules at school." He didn't really have a reason, he just didn't want to have rules. I gave him a couple of examples of how rules are good and then said, "So, rules help us." He rolled over and said, "I'll have to think about that."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How many pastors are there?

We told the kids a couple of days ago that my family was coming to visit this next weekend. They all cheered. Isaiah said, "I bet when Mackenzie and Isaak heard that they danced." Olivia said, "I bet Ethan, Emma and Elle were like me (which was screaming)." So now they've been talking about it everyday and counting down on the calendar.

At church today, we had a group from Teen Challenge come and share. It was all guys and they all wore black pants and white shirts with ties. After the service we had a potluck. Olivia was in the nursery during the service so she hadn't seen them yet. We got in line and a bunch of the guys were ahead of us and Olivia said, "Mom, there sure are a lot of pastors!"

Micah seems to like sports. Last week he had been wanting to hit the ball outside, but it was pretty cold out so we didn't let him. We did let him bring the bat inside. He would pretend to hit a ball, run and get it, put it on the t-stand and hit it again. It was so cute to watch!