Saturday, March 29, 2008

Isaiah's Occupation

Yesterday,Isaiah, was pretending to be a teacher and wanted Olivia and I sit down in the living room. He started out by saying, "Today we are going to learn about space. Not just any kind of space. Magic School Bus space." (If you're not familiar with the Magic School Bus, there are books and movies about this fun teacher, Mrs. Frizzle, and her class. She is always wearing something that has to do with whatever they are going to be learning about. Like she might have on nest earrings and a skirt with birds all over it. The class always goes on a field trip in the Magic School Bus, which changes into whatever they are learning about.) He then went on to show us some things they (whoever that is) gave him from space. He also said something about changing clothes. He went to change for a new day of school. When he came back he asked us, "Do you know why I'm wearing this color (blue) and wearing this feathery thing?" I asked, "Are we going to talk about birds?" "Yes, we are." He then went on to talk about some different birds. It was hard not to laugh! Randy got some video today of Isaiah being a teacher.

Randy got some video today of Isaiah being a teacher.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Is Normal?

Last night I picked up the camera to see what pictures were on it, if any. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these.

Out of the 8 pictures on the camera only one was "normal", then again maybe these are normal and that one is strange.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a Regular Day

This past weekend I went to my sister's in Rochester. Her family was gone skiing so we had the place to ourselves. It's so nice not having to be responsible for anyone. We were pretty carefree. We stayed up until 1:00 am each night (I'm still recovering), ate lunch and supper at strange times, watched a movie in the afternoon (unheard of at my house unless it's a cartoon), did some stamping and scrapbooking and did quite a bit of shopping. I'm sure Kristi would have got more scrapbooking done if I wasn't there, but I'm sure she wouldn't have had as much fun! The last two days have been pretty uneventful compared to my weekend. Last night Randy and I had a date night, which was nice. Tonight Randy's taking the kids to a dad and kids only (bummer) play and storytime thing, so I'll have the night off again. Wednesday night we were invited over to someone's house for supper and Friday we'll be at my brother's, so I only have to cook supper on Thursday this week. It's the little things that make my day!

Since I wasn't around my kids for 3 days I really don't have any stories about them. Although today in the van, Micah was saying, "Bee-ba Bee-ba." Olivia said, "That means he wants a chip," and Isaiah said, "No, that means he wants to kill a bee."

I almost forget..Isaiah was sitting at the table and started "writing" (curvy/wiggly lines from side to side) on some paper. When he was done I asked him what he wrote. "I wrote Isaiah loves Maren in Spanish." Maren is Isaiah's good friend who is a year younger than him. They both have been talking about marrying each other for at least a year now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

When I'm A Big Girl

In the last few months, Olivia, has often talked about "when she's a big girl...". Here are a few of her when I'm a big girl:
I'm not going to suck my thumb anymore
I'm not going to pull fuzz from my blanket
I'm going to get my ears pierced
One of personal favorites was when she was talking about my niece Mackenzie who has braces. "When I'm a big girl I hope I have sparkly teeth like Mackenzie".

Isaiah recently learned what backwash is, but he doesn't quite have the terminology down. He said to me, "It looks like someone in washed".

Last Friday we were planning to go to a carnival at the elementary school with some friends. The kids were really excited about. For some reason, Isaiah was talking about spinach before we left. He told Sarah that he liked spinach now. Then he said all excited, "I hope I win some spinach!"

Yesterday Isaiah and Olivia were playing with Olivia's Little Ponies. They switched the heads on two of the ponies. Awhile later I was listening as they were playing. Apparently the two ponies were fighting and the mom(played by Isaiah) came in and said, "Now what are you children fighting about?" One pony(Olivia) said, "He took my head" and the other(Isaiah) said, "She took my body". Then the mom said, "Who really started this?" I don't think she ever got an answer. It was pretty comical.

Isn't 18 months a little young for asking why? This last week Micah has started in with the whys. The other day he had grabbed a pair scissors and I told him to put it back. "Why,mommy?" was his response. Today while we were out I told him I had to go to the bathroom, same thing, "Why, mommy?" I've heard him say it a couple times to Randy and even to Olivia. Speaking of Olivia, Micah has started calling her "O". Today after lunch he came into the kitchen fussing. When I asked him what was wrong he said "O" and kind of swung his arm, like she hit him.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Literally, who spilt the beans! You know I must be going some what crazy to let my kids dump beans out all over my kitchen. It kept them busy for an hour though (would have been longer if we had let them). For some reason Micah was eating the beans, although he did spit them out after about 1/2 hour and said, "Yuk".

Isaiah and Olivia love doing crafts. Olivia just really likes using the glue stick. The other day their friend Maren came over and she had on a crown she had made. Isaiah and Olivia felt they needed one also. Randy helped them make their own Saturday morning while I was running around Brainerd.

Micah loves shoes...I may have said that before, but he really does. Here's a picture of him trying to decide which pair to try on next.

Monday, March 3, 2008


For those of you who don't know, Randy and I went to Mexico two weeks ago. We were only gone 4 nights (didn't want to leave the kids for too long). Someone asked me after we'd been home for a few days if I had spring fever and I said no. Well, that quickly changed. First of all Randy and I don't even feel like we went to Mexico, it seems like a different lifetime. The main reason I have spring fever is because the kids do. They are getting a little stir crazy. They are getting anxious for playing at the park, going to the beach, riding bike, campfires and on and on. Hopefully we just need to make it through March.

I think the kids enjoyed playing with their toys again when we got home, at least for a day. Olivia is really getting into playing Barbies. She's been disappearing more and more. Instead of finding her messing in the bathroom, she's in her room playing.

Isaiah seems very hard to please in the toy department. We get him a really neat pirate ship for his birthday, which he played with some. So, for Christmas we got him a few more things to go with it. He never plays with it. He tells me, "I'm going to play with it when I get more stuff to go with it." I told him he probably wouldn't be getting anymore because he doesn't play with what he has. He doesn't seem to get it. I think, however, I may have discovered something he really likes. Legos..
We bought him a helicopter kit before we left for Mexico and he has put it together several times. Of course now he wants this huge fire station (600 pieces, a nightmare with an 18 month old) that he saw in the instruction book that came with the helicopter. He wanted me to go to the store and get one last week. Finally I looked it up online to see how much it was. I told Isaiah it was $60. "Oh, that's not very much" he said.

I don't really know what to say about Micah. He says new words constantly and cracks us up everyday.
He seems to be the outgoing goofy one of the three. The kids have playing hide and seek a lot lately. Micah really likes playing. He usually goes with the counter and looks for people. Ever once in a while during the day, he'll go over by the kitchen closet (where we stand to count) and say rather loudly, "Nine, ten. Nine, ten". Then he'll going wandering out like he's looking for someone.

Yesterday in the nursery at church, Isaiah says to me, while looking at a little black girl, "Boy, she must go outside a lot!" "Probably not," I told him. "But if you're out in the sun a lot it makes your skin dark" he said. "Yeah, it can. But she was born with dark skin." "How was she born with it?" I know I've told him a few times before that God made people with different colored skin, he just must be really isolated here in Northern Minnesota.

Every once in a while we get on the subject of Satan somehow. Isaiah will often talk about fighting him. Tonight one of the kids Bible stories was about Jesus being tempted by Satan. Isaiah said,"If I saw Satan and I had a fork in my pocket (who knows why that would be) I would stab him in the head. Then we could throw him into the fire." Olivia started to get into to and said, "Yeah, we could make a campfire and throw him in it." What do you say?!