Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Micah is 2!

Isaiah and Olivia were pretty excited to help decorate Micah's cake. They ate so much frosting, m&m's, gummy bears, malted milk balls and licorice I thought they were going to be ill. They loved it, especially Olivia, who is going to the dentist next week to get two fillings!

Here's what Micah was doing while we were decorating his cake. He climbed out of his crib, but couldn't get the door open, so he took his nap on Isaiah's bed. Looks like he might need to see the chiropractor!

The finished product. We thought it turned out pretty cute. Micah kept wanting to look at it after he woke up.

The birthday boy enjoying his cake.

One quick funny story. This morning, Micah was upset with Olivia about something. He was pretending to scoop something off the couch as he said, "I will throw some dirt at you!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheap Vacation

This past weekend we went to the cities with are friends Brent and Sarah. Saturday we went to Como Zoo(which is free) and then camped over night in Brent's brother's backyard(free). Sunday morning we went to the children's museum(which is free on the third Sunday of the month). We had a good time. The kids really love going to the children's museum. We could easily spend the whole day there.

We had just been looking at the tortoise and walked away and saw a statue of a turtle that kids were sitting on and Olivia said, "One of the turtles out got."

When we were getting into the tent Saturday night the crickets were really loud. Isaiah said, "Don't the crickets know we're trying to get some sleep?" "No," I said laughing. "Would you?" he asked me. "If I were a cricket?" I clarified. "Yes." "No. I would be just as clue less as them," I said. After a short pause he said, "Then I wouldn't have a mom."

A few pictures from the weekend.

On the weekend, Randy has been outside with the kids in the morning. A couple of times he found Micah here.

Playing in the sandbox with the tarp still on!

Mama, you should look in the mirror

We were using the bathroom(outhouse) at the beach recently. Isaiah had a few minutes to make some observations while going to the bathroom. "This floor looks really old. They should put in a nice shiny rock floor. They should paint these walls and doors too. Don't you think that would look nice? Why can't they think of that?!" Isaiah is really into coloring, drawing, colors, decorating etc.

When we were driving home and the sun was setting, Isaiah says, "When the sun goes down it looks like it goes behind the grass. What really happens to it? Does God take it up to heaven?"

I have thought about trying to sale my wedding dress a hand full of times over the last 11 years. Just before our garage sale I was thinking about it again. So, I got it out and decided to try it on. I got into it, but couldn't zip it up all the way in the back. (Olivia offered to help and when I told her no she said she could stand on her bed and do it. I had to tell her the problem wasn't that I couldn't reach, but that it just didn't fit.) When the kids saw me they were excited and wanted to know where I got the dress and what I was doing in it. Micah said, "Mama, you should look in the mirror." Isaiah didn't want me to sell it. He said, "I think you should save this stuff so Maren can wear it when we get married."

The kids were talking about what they wanted to be on the way to the beach. My neighbor was with and said she wanted to be a race car driver, so everyone wanted to be that too, except Isaiah. I said maybe he could work on the cars. He wasn't interested in that and said, "I don't know what I want to be." "You could be a pizza eater," Olivia suggested. Isaiah didn't like that idea either, "Olivia! That's not a job."

Olivia and I were out shopping at Kohl's and I decided to try on some bras. Not something I really wanted to do with a child along, but I really wanted a new one. She seemed to be in her own world in the fitting room until she said to me, "What are those things on your..stomach." "Breasts," I said hoping that would be the end of it, but knowing I wouldn't get off that easy. " come they don't stay up?"

On this same shopping trip, Olivia said out of the blue, "I'm Curious George. No, I'm Curious George's sister." When I asked what her name was I was surprised when she said, "Georgia."

We got a picture of another babe while we were picnicing in Crosslake. This is Babe the Bluegill.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes, I'm alive!

I'm not sure where to begin. Randy has been back from Alaska for 2 1/2 weeks already. The ten days he was gone went surprisingly well and quite quickly. The worst time was 7pm-8pm each night. I hate getting the kids ready for bed even when Randy is here. I really HATE getting them to bed by myself. Everyone is tired and I get impatient because I can sense the freedom that's coming as soon as they are in bed. Randy had a good time and his team got a lot done.

The kids have said some pretty funny things over the last few weeks. I tried to scribble them done so when I got a chance I could blog them. We had a garage sale last Thursday and Friday, so I've been busy getting ready for that. We had a great sale..just over $460 for us and about $1020 for everyone together.

When Olivia was going potty I was waiting for her to be done so I could wipe her. She says to me, "Mommy, when you hear a splash that's my poop."

My brother's little girl Elle said that Micah was cute. I asked Micah, "Are you cute?" "No. You're cute Momma."

Isaiah was asking what our clothes were made of and said a lot of them were made of cotton. He mentioned wool and Olivia said, "Well, my blanket is made out of fuzz." This is probably funnier if you know a couple of things about Olivia and her blanket. She sits and picks fuzz from her knitted blanket all the time. She hurt her thumb one day and Randy asked if it was the thumb she sucked on and she said, "No, it's my fuzz thumb." There are little purple fuzz balls all over my house ALL the time. She also says fuzz more like puzz.

Isaiah was sitting on my lap and Micah came over and tired to push him off and said, "Get off of my mommy!"

Micah is constantly telling us which way to go when we're driving. He'll say, "I want to go that way! Go that way momma!"

I typed this up a few days ago. I was going to add more but didn't get a chance yet. Maybe later today.