Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I guess Isaiah has watched a little too much of Cinderella lately. Last week he asked Randy and I, "Am I ever going to have a stepmother?" Randy immeditately said, "No!" I said, "You might. If I die and Daddy marries someone else, she would be your stepmother." Isaiah immeditately responded with, "I would not like her at all. I'd dig a big how and bury her in it!" That's my boy! j/k

Yesterday he told me he had a dream when he stayed over at Grandma's house. "It was Cinderella III. Cinderella's stepmom was about to change the Fairy Godmother into a statue, but I grabbed the wand and changed the stepmom and stepsisters into statues." When I told Randy about Isaiah's dream, he told me that when they stopped at Walmart before going to Grandma's, Isaiah and Olivia were looking at all 3 Cinderella movies and that on the back of number 3 someone was a statue (he couldn't remember who).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not Like the Rest of the World

A couple of nights ago, Isaiah, made a picture frame out of construction paper and sticky foam animals. He was pretty proud of it. I helped him find a picture for it. We were downstairs and he was holding it up all in almost every spot imaginable trying to decide where to hang it. He didn't end up deciding that night. The next morning he was in the kitchen holding it up on the walls and the cabinets. He finally decided on a spot on one of the cabinets. He told me, "If you're cooking and we're in our room playing and don't want to stop, you can just talk to us here."

We had pork chops a few days ago for supper. Isaiah was chewing rather loudly, so I asked him if he could chew a little quieter. His response, "But I'm not like all the other people in the world, I chew with my mouth open."

Olivia has been becoming quite fond of playing in the bathroom lately. By that I mean, she always wants to go in there and put on chap stick or lotion, and to mess with things she's not supposed to. The other day she discovered some make-up in a drawer that I don't use any more. She put some lipstick on...under her lips. So, yesterday she was in there again for about the hundredth time. I didn't think too much of it.
Later when I went in there I noticed a few fine hairs on the toilet lid. I peaked in the garbage and saw more fine hairs. I went to find Olivia and asked her if she had cut her hair. I couldn't tell because two weeks ago I brought her to get her hair cut and gave her some bangs, which were at this moment off to the side. She didn't really answer me, just look at me. I straighted out her bangs and found she did indeed give herself a little haircut. Thankfully it's not too bad.

I brought the kids to the library late Thursday afternoon. We straight over to some friends house so we didn't read any of the books that night. In the morning,Isaiah was looking through the books and came across The Littles. He said,"This is a big person book." Kind of like, why did you get this?! That afternoon when I pulled it out to read, Isaiah said, "Why is it black and white? I don't like the pictures black and white." I started reading it to him and Olivia and they kept wanting me to read more. We finished it that day. I told them there were a lot more books about the Littles and they got pretty excited.

Just a cute picture of my boys.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Just Want To Eat

Last week one night Randy and Isaiah were wrestling around in the livingroom. Olivia came in and jumped right in. Right away she started saying, "Owie, Owie," which she seems to say sometimes for attention (she wasn't hurt). Randy said, "If you don't want to get burnt don't jump in the fire". A few minutes later, after they had taken a break, Isaiah said, "Olivia, do you want to wrestle with me and Daddy?" Olivia said, "No, I don't want to get burnt up."

Last Friday, I think, but it could be any number of days, I found myself getting frustrated at lunch. I always try to get the kids all situated and then get my lunch. I'm often the one who says I'm hunger, but if I just start to eat they become vultures. They were all at the table eating and I was making myself a salad. Micah started throwing food on the floor, which seems to be his new favorite pasttime. I took him out of his chair, washed him up and put him in his crib for a timeout. I was almost done making my salad and Olivia had to go potty. I just started eating and Isaiah needed help in the bathroom. I'm eating and Olivia has to go potty again (there's something about wiping butts during a meal that makes one start to lose their appetite). The kids are all done eating by this time. I sit down and I'm eating for a couple of minute when Isaiah starts to cry. I yelled, "What's going on?" I just hear Isaiah crying and now saying, "Mommy, Mommy!" So, I leave my salad once again and go into Micah's room (where they all are) and find Olivia in Micah's crib and Isaiah kind of hanging there with one leg on each side of the crib rail. I help him down and he's still crying and saying, "She made me go in there." I first thought was, yeah right, he sounds a lot like Adam. So, anyway all that to say, I really enjoy those times when I can just sit down and eat without having to get up and wipe butts, get someone something or see what someone is doing in the other room.

Today, Isaiah, was driving one of his cars all over on the counter. He kept asking me where I wanted to go and then he'd say, That's over by the toaster, or the microwave or wherever, and then he's drive there. His car was kind of making a squeaking noise. He said, "You better go to the mechanic after this." So I did. He says, "Okay, it's fixed." Squeak, Squeak. He looked at me with an oops kind of look as I was saying, "Uh-oh!" "Mommy, it's just a toy. I don't know why it squeaks."

Friday, January 4, 2008

That Was Me

The last couple of weeks have flown by. We were with family for 11 straight days and I can honestly say it was a lot of fun! We got in a lot of game playing, swimming, and laughing. We stayed out at Breezy Resort with my family for 5 nights. The kids did really good being without a lot of toys and a different (no) routine. Micah is quite the entertainer. He would often climb up on the coffee table and clap, sing and dance. We decided he probably enjoyed seeing himself in the TV in front of him.

Santa got Isaiah a Justice League dvd. After watching some of it, we decided it was too violent and as my brother-in-law Kevin said, "The superwomen need to put on some sweatshirts and get less implants". We decided to return it. Isaiah was not very happy with us. He told me, "You can never ever talk to Santa again and tell him he should not have gotten me that!". Once we told him he could pick something new out, he seemed okay with it. The other night before bed Randy was talking to Isaiah about putting the stickers on his new car tune up shop. Randy said, "I'll put these stickers on tomorrow. I promise. If I don't we'll go out for ice cream" (Isaiah said he didn't want ice cream) . A couple of days later Isaiah told me he wanted to do school, which we haven't done for a couple of months. After I layed Micah down for his nap, Isaiah asked to watch a movie. "I thought we were going to do school," I said. "We will after the movie. I promise. If I don't then we'll have to go for ice cream" was his reply. He was dead serious. I just laughed.

Last night Olivia was "helping" me do the dishes. She farted and said, "That was me". "I know" , I said. " How? Did you thought it was you?" she asked.

Today when Randy was home for lunch, Micah kept bringing me a drink from a little ".
cup (which he would shove into my face) and then he would run back into the kitchen. After about the fourth time Randy and I wondered what he was doing. Randy peeked around the corner. Micah was bending over and pretending to scoop up something from the rug then he came racing into the livingroom again. He's moving out of the baby stage and into the toddler. He's been saying new words almost everyday. He says, apple, tickle, no, dog, duck, mama, Isaiah, Isaak, uh-oh, ouch, Tate, ball, all gone, I want out and on and on. The other day he said something and I said, "It sounded like Micah just said I want a snack" and then he said it again a couple of times. It sounded more like I want a nack. When we went to the light show over Christmas he said, "look at that, look at that