Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ignorance Was Bliss

Okay. So, I have to admit that the whole healthy foods lifestyle overwhelms me. I'm not talking about eating your fruits and veggies and whole wheat bread. I mean the idea of knowing what's in and not in the foods I eat. This just wasn't an area I wanted to get into. Why? Because ignorance is bliss. Or least it was. For some reason, about a week and a half ago, I decided the time had come to look into the "whole foods" diet. It still overwhelms me, but now I'm not totally ignorant. So, if I don't change my eating, eating won't be blissful any more. I'm not sure eating will be blissful the whole foods way either, since it requires a little more work in the kitchen. I don't really enjoy cooking and usually pick a recipe based on how easy it looks. We're making some changes as a family. Some will be easier than others I'm sure. This past week we made homemade yogurt from raw milk. It was super runny, but the kids loved it. We made about 8 quarts more and I tried some today with some granola I made and it was delicious. I also tried an apple bran shake today for breakfast. It was definitely different than anything I've tried before, but I liked it and it was filling. The boys had some also and Isaiah said he wanted it again tomorrow. Randy and I just made some spelt(kind of flour) bread and I'm looking forward to trying it when it cools off. As it is often our tendency to share new things that we like with others, I'm sure I'll mention from time to time some new recipe we enjoy, but I will do my best not to "whole food" talk you to death.

When Randy brought home these farm fresh eggs, Olivia and I weren't so sure about the green eggs. Olivia jokingly said, "I don't like green eggs and ham!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time For New Glasses - Cast Your Vote

After 12 years, I decided that it's finally time to get a new pair of glasses. Now I need help deciding which pair to get. Please help me!






Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Fad For Sheep

After Sunday School today, Micah says to me, "Mom, look. I gave my sheep a mohawk."