Monday, September 29, 2008

The Farm

On Saturday, we went down to Brainerd, to a place called The Farm on St. Mathias(it's on St. Mathias road). They had a big corn maze that we wandered around in for quite awhile. In the middle of it there was a big slide with potato sacks to ride down on. Throughout the maze there were scissors that cut different patterns. The kids each had a piece of paper to cut to show how many of the scissors we found. They all got a sucker as a prize. We rode on a wagon pulled by a tractor down to the pumpkin patch. Isaiah and Olivia both picked out pumpkins. The kids had a lot of fun. I'm sure we'll have to do this again next year.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isaiah's First Day of School

Randy and I brought Isaiah into the elementary school on Tuesday to get him registered for kindergarten. We went and looked at his classroom and met his teacher. Isaiah wanted to keep looking around the school and wanted to stay there the rest of the day. Wednesday morning he got up just before 6:00 to go to the bathroom and asked me if it was almost morning. He got up just after 7:00 and came into the kitchen and asked if he had missed the bus. He was very excited to go! He went and got dressed right away, which he usually doesn't do without being asked.

When the bus came, he just got right on and I don't think he even looked back. After the bus left Olivia and Micah both kind of started to cry. Micah said, "I want to go Isaiah, Daddy." Awhile later in the house Olivia got teared up again and said, "I want to play with Isaiah." The rest of the day Micah and Olivia fought or took turns being naughty. I didn't really miss Isaiah to be honest...the other two were plenty.

Isaiah had a fun day. I had to keep asking him questions to find out what he did. They have a garden at school and yesterday they had a pumpkin sale, so I sent some money with Isaiah and he brought home two little pumpkins. He made some friends but couldn't remember too many names. About 20 minutes after he was home he said he wanted to go back to school. He was just as excited this morning as he was yesterday. I hope that doesn't wear off to soon. I feel really good about our decision. I asked God for peace about it and he answered my prayer.

Yesterday, before Isaiah was up, Micah put on Isaiah's shoes and wanted to wear his backpack. Later in the morning when we were leaving to go to a friend's house, Micah wanted to follow the bus. I tried to tell him Isaiah was at school already, but he said it a few more times.

Olivia has been waiting to jump in the leaves for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I raked up the few that had fallen from our maple tree for her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Day

Yesterday was a family day for us. We're usually all together on Saturdays, but often run to Brainerd for groceries and diapers. We were home all day yesterday. I did some cleaning in the morning, but the rest of the day was very relaxing. I read on my sister's blog that they were going to play games this weekend and I thought that sounded fun. We ended playing a few games ourselves. I guess Candy Land, Pretty Pretty Princess and Guess Who are our options in this stage in life. Randy, Micah and I took a nap while Isaiah and Olivia watched a movie. We cooked hot dogs over the campfire for supper and later for dessert we made apple pies over the fire.

My mom and Dad were here visiting last weekend and my mom was talking to Isaiah about school. She said to Micah, "Maybe you can go to pre-school." He looked at her a moment and said, "I probably go to baby school", then busted out laughing.

Our kids often(need to work on that consistently) get vinegar for lying. The kids and I were at the grocery store and I said, "Oh, I need to get some more vinegar." Olivia said, "But I won't lie anymore, Mom." I told her I needed it for other things too.

Micah was interested in taking a nap the other day and I wasn't real interested in fighting with him. I had put him down for a nap and was outside for a few minutes. When I came back in he was on the couch watching a movie with Isaiah. I said, "Micah, you're supposed to in bed." "No. I supposed to watch a movie!" I went in the kitchen for less than two minutes and when I looked back in the living room Micah was asleep on the couch!

The last few days Micah has been saying everything tastes like root beer. Today he said sauerkraut tasted like root beer and the other night his bubble gum toothpaste tasted like root beer. Randy was making pancakes with the kids this week and they thought the almond extract smelled like root I guess that's where Micah got it from.

Out of the blue this week, Isaiah said, "When you die there's a golden path and a black path. If you want to be in heaven you go on the golden path. If you go on the black path you go to hell and can never get out." I asked him if they had talked about that in Sunday School, but he said no.