Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where is Fall?

I'm really missing Fall this year. It snowed before we even got to rake and play in the leaves. That's just not right. Last weekend when we were visiting my sister's family and my mom and dad, there was actually a nice day. I really like having a Fall family picture,so we went on a short walk looking for a good picture spot. The trees in Rochester haven't even changed yet, so we stood by a bush in front of some one's house. That might be the best we can do this year.


Isaiah's first day of 1st grade.

We were having steak for supper and Isaiah said he wanted more chicken. I told him it was steak. He says, while holding up a piece of steak on his fork, "This use to be a cow." Randy said, "Yep. Now it's steak." Isaiah says, "Pretty soon it's going to be poop."