Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crosby Park

We went to the park in Crosby today, with Sarah and her kids. The kids loved it. It's kind of a ways to go, but I'm sure we'll be back.

Friday, July 10, 2009

South Sioux City

The other part of our 10 day trip was spent at my mom and dad's in So. Sioux City, NE. We played at the park, visited with my Grandma Hattie, played games, visited with some of my aunts and uncles, watched fireworks, visited my Grandma and Grandpa Gill, and went to the zoo. Here are a couple more park pictures.

Susi and Olivia


Susi and Olivia(Olivia was very attached to Susi. Susi was very nice about it.)


Part of our 10 vacation was spent in Rochester visiting my sister and her family. We went there so I could help her work on an album for Susi,their foreign exchange student(who leaves at the end of the month...we're gonna miss you, Susi). I was sick all day Friday(the day we had planned to scrap book with some other ladies) and was no help to Kristi at all. We did end up finishing the album during the week. Her kids were all very helpful, between play performances and play practice for another play which they always are...thank you thank you thank you!) with my kids. Here's just a few shots at a cool park we found.

Isaak, Susi, Mackenzie and Olivia


Isaiah, Olivia and Micah

Tree Cutting = Fun Tepee for the Kids

Way back, at the end of May, we went to my brother's for a day visit. Randy helped cut down a tree in their backyard. Next thing you know everyone was building a teepee out of the branches and pine needles. It turned out really neat. The kids all had a blast playing in it. They even made themselves a mailbox and a sink(plumbing included).

Micah reading a piece of mail

Olivia and Elle

Isaiah and Emma